Tree Cutting

Why is Tree Removal so Important?

The Importance of Tree Removal Services

Did you know that many trees are super heavy? Many species of trees grow very tall and weigh several tons. When fierce storms attack, the aftermath is frightening. Many massive trees are uprooted or huge limbs come crashing down.

The size of the tree and the damage it can cause is reason alone to appreciate the importance of tree removal. A drive around the suburbs of Adelaide will show you suburban blocks and even commercial premises where massive trees stand beside or close to buildings. You as the property owner need to consider lopping, pruning or even total removal of one or more of your trees.

  • People and premises

Trees can damage properties and not just as a result of a storm or high wind. Trees like all of us age and grow weak. Sometimes a limb from a tree will fall because the tree is old or has died. And because the weight of some of the limbs is so great, getting to that tree before it falls is vital.

  • Know the safety rules

We read of tragic accidents when people out camping pitch their tent underneath a tree. This is never wise. Only a tree professional can tell if a tree or its limbs are in a dangerous condition. That’s why engaging the services of a professional tree removal service is so important.

A safety check of a tree or trees in your garden or business premises can save you time and money, not to mention the implications of an accident. Remember we cannot see the signs of disease in a treein a way a professional tree removal expert can. Seek the advice of the professionals.

  • Lopping may save the day

tree removal expert knows the different stages of treating trees. Complete removal is sometimes the only safe option. But lopping dangerous limbs is another stage. It means the tree is rendered safe but can remain in place despite losing one or more of its limbs.

Northern Tree Service is an experienced tree removal company in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs. For over 30 years we have safely removed problem trees and we pride ourselves on maintaining your environment.

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