Palm Tree Removal Adelaide

Palm Tree Removal in Adelaide

They can look beautiful. A landscape of palm trees gives a look and feel of a tropical oasis. A single palm tree in a property is striking and different. Basically there are two types of palm tree – those that shed their fronds (branches) and pods (seeds) naturally and those that don’t. If you have a palm tree or trees which don’t get rid of old growth by themselves, you need to do the job yourself. Well perhaps not you but an expert like Ray from Northern Tree Service.

Why bother to remove old growth?

There are several reasons why maintenance is super important. If left untouched, your palm tree will become overgrown and look terrible. It will become so cluttered that the fruit will attract vermin. Fallen fruit will rot on the ground and attract unwanted visitors. Seeds also germinate giving your garden additional and unwanted plants. Don’t let this happen to you. The palm tree removal cost is well worth the difference a maintained tree will make to your  property.

Too much fruit

Palm trees are known for their ability to produce large quantities of fruit – even a single tree can give you more than enough. The secret is to get in early and have the fruit stalks removed before the fruit is produced. If you don’t service your palm tree and the fruit falls, you’ve got a number of problems.

  • The fallen fruit rots and gives off a strong unpleasant smell
  • You will need to dispose of this smelly fruit
  • Work efficiently and offer free no obligation quotes and competitive rates
  • It may attract certain insects such as the fruit fly.
  • You do not want these problems and can easily avoid them by engaging an experienced palm tree expert to clean your tree and remove the old growth. Obtain a free quote from Northern Tree Service.

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