Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Comprehensive Tree Pruning in Adelaide

Flourishing flowers and beautiful foliage are a sign of a thriving tree but it takes some work to keep it that way. Northern Tree Service provides quality tree care   for you, preserving the health of your trees and encouraging effective growth for the future. If your trees are looking cluttered and crowded or your fruit has run out of room to grow, call us today for our pruning services.

What is Tree Pruning?

Any avid gardener will be aware of the benefits of maintaining a healthy tree. Pruning is the process of removing specific parts of the plant, including dead wood and excess branches. This essentially allows for more effective growth, without the worry of bad branches weighing down the structure

Two of the main reasons to trim your trees are to reduce its weight and eliminate potential hazards. Most of the time tall trees are the ones that need pruning and their size and weight impacts on the structure itself and the surrounding property. Instead of climbing up a dangerous wonky ladder, call our expert team. We have the experience.

Positive Growth Through Cutting

Our selective thinning and branch removal will reduce the hazards without impacting your garden’s aesthetic benefits. Some of  pruning technique  options include:

  • Removing dead wood to provide sunshine and reduce dropping hazards
  • Shaping your tree for optimal health and natural appearance
  • Promoting more effective growth for fruit-baring plants
  • Reducing the load on branches to create a stronger structure
  • Specialist tree cutting near power lines and properties

Benefits Beyond Your Trees

Caring for the decorative centrepiece of your garden is important, but that’s not all our services have to offer. Our trimming has a range of extra benefits like allowing more sun on the surrounding area, which is sure to help the rest of your garden grow. As well as that, we pride ourselves on a cheap and clean service. If it wasn’t for your well pruned trees you wouldn’t know that we had visited.

Tree Removal Adelaide

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