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If there are trees on your property be it your home or business, you need to know that most people in your situation do nothing about their tree or trees unless they have to. This is not smart. Trees have a habit of growing above and below ground. Their roots can disrupt your paths and their branches can fall and damage whatever is below them. Northern Tree Service is your friend in need indeed. It’s a local, owner-operated business with an outstanding reputation for the safe and tidy removal or trees and tree stumps in and around Elizabeth.

There are lots of great benefits provided by Northern Tree Service

  • You get a free no obligation quote with highly competitive rates
  • You get the owner-operator and not some office administrator
  • You get their $20 million public liability insurance cover
  • You get their impeccable safety record
  • You get to choose the type of service you want
  • You get a detailed survey of your tree or trees with options explained
  • You get all your green waste removed leaving your property tidy
  • You get your job completed in the shortest time possible
  • You get an emergency after-hours service if required

Look after your trees

Prevention is better than cure. By engaging Northern Tree Service to inspect the health of your tree or trees on a regular basis, you know in advance if there are problems lurking below or above the ground. By taking advantage of this professional service, you can actually save money and certainly the cost of repairs should one of your tress lose a limb or fall over in a storm.

The range of services Northern Tree Service can provide include:

You can get started by booking an obligation free visit from the owner operator. Here you can learn about the state of your trees and check out the options you have. Remember that a regular inspection can possibly save you a lot of expense if your tree is in danger of losing a limb.

With Northern Tree Service you get prompt and reliable service from a local business with over 30 years of professional service.

Tree management

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring a tree expert. The obvious one is because your tree is old and looking like it might collapse. But there are other reasons too. It might be that the tree is in the wrong place – someone planted it years ago not realising how big it would grow. Or then there’s the appearance of your garden. You may wish to rearrange your garden and a tree does not fit the new landscape. Whatever the reason, having a professional give you advice and, if necessary, remove your tree is the best advice you can receive.

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  • We give free no obligation quotes
  • We have $20 million dollars liability cover
  • We actually do turn up the day booked !
  • We take care of your beautiful garden
  • We leave your site clean and tidy

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