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Tree Removal: It is worth mentioning that we are environmentally conscious and will do anything to save trees that can be saved. However, if trees on your property are a safety hazard, have become weak or diseased, are coming in way of any development or have been badly damaged in a storm, then we will work on the tree removal process for you. We have skilled Freeling tree removalists and ground crew who will work to give you the best service with no damage to the property. Safety is our priority when it comes to tree removal and we will ensure a completely hassle-free, safe and efficient tree removal job.

Tree Pruning: Northern Tree Service offers Freeling tee pruning service to get rid of dead or diseased branches on your trees. Tree pruning helps to keep the trees healthy and safe. We take special care while pruning as to not hurt the trees but leave them looking great and thriving. Our qualified tree crew has the experience and knowledge to deliver a great pruning job.

Stump Removal: Tree stumps, when left in the ground can be a safety hazard. They not only are a trip hazard but can make your property look unattractive and unkempt. Some stumps even begin rotting and that can become home to fungus, mold and pests and may affect surrounding plants through disease. Our Freeling tree experts will come to you and safely remove any stumps from your property.

Storm Damage tree management: If a tree or parts of a tree have fallen on your property after a big storm please call us immediately. We will arrive at your doorstep in no time to tackle your tree issues. We provide a quick response Freeling emergency tree service and can easily remove dangerous trees to restore safety on your property.

Freeling Tree & Garden maintenance: Trimming and pruning is necessary for trees to stay healthy and your landscape to look well maintained. When maintained properly and in a timely manner, trees will require less regular maintenance and will be far less likely to become a safety hazard in the future. We can advise you on how to properly care for your trees and ensure your garden looks perfect at all times.

Freeling Palm Tree Removal:  There are several reasons why palm tree maintenance is super important. If left untouched, your palm tree will become overgrown and look terrible. Fallen fruit will rot on the ground and attract unwanted visitors. Seeds also germinate giving your garden additional and unwanted plants. Don’t let this happen to you. The palm tree removal cost is well worth the difference a maintained tree will make to your property.

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