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Trees are one of those plants we tend to take for granted. We know how our roses and vegetables are going but what do we know about our trees. We do know they can grow to great heights and that sometimes they can lose a limb. Because they can cause damage, and serious damage at that, it’s super important we get an expert to give our trees the once over. Ray from Northern Tree Service is the professional to call. His advice on the health of your trees is invaluable.

These are the many benefits you get from Northern Tree Service

  • You receive an experienced operator in business for three decades
  • You receive a free quote with a highly competitive price
  • You receive the removal of all your green waste
  • You receive a no obligation quote
  • You receive the operator of the business who owns the business
  • You receive a range of options for your trees
  • You receive a comprehensive assessment of your tree or trees
  • You receive a service which is prompt and reliable
  • You receive total public liability insurance cover of $20 million
  • You receive peace of mind with an emergency 24 hour service

Trees can be dangerous

One of the problems with some trees is they look okay when in fact they need immediate attention. An expert can quickly tell you if your tree is sick and if one or more of its branches – including big branches – are likely to fall. Let’s face it, we are not experts on tree maintenance, health or needs. Your tree might need to be removed or pruned. Have an expert advise you.

Northern Tree Service provides a series of services including:

Even a small tree needs a professional expert to tackle its removal. It goes without saying that a large tree can only be handled by a professional. A large tree in a built up area requires skills, equipment and timing to be safely and swiftly removed. Leave the tough jobs to the tough but professional tree surgeons.

Lose a tree, make a garden

Of course trees look great, provide all sorts of benefits for you and your native birds and wildlife. But sometimes that tree just has to go. It could be too big for your space, has been planted in the wrong place, and is holding back the growth of other plants. Talk to an expert. See what possibilities await your garden if you get an expert in to discuss removing a tree.

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  • We give free no obligation quotes
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