Tree Removal in Semaphore

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Tree Removal in Semaphore

Trees are an important part of our lives in our own gardens or parks and elsewhere in Semaphore. Dealing with trees either being removed or being maintained needs an expert and experienced company. Northern Tree Service has been in the tree pruning and tree removal business for 30 years, and have seen and done it all when it comes to getting the job done right first time every time.

The benefits you gain when dealing with Northern

  • They have the best trained and most experienced arborists
  • They provide free no obligation quotes with rates that are highly competitive
  • The offer a $20 million public liability cover and always follow the requirements of the Australian Safety Standards
  • They offer different options be it removal or trimming
  • Your garden will be surveyed ensuring it remains safe at all times
  • All green material is removed leaving your space as neat as a pin
  • Most jobs are completed in a day
  • An emergency after-hours service is also available

Save your trees

Many people do little to care for their trees until it is too late. Northern Tree Service has long operated a maintenance service which means your garden and its trees in particular can get a solid inspection on a regular basis. The types of issues Northern provide include:

  • Trimming
  • Stump removal
  • Work efficiently and offer free no obligation quotes and competitive rates
  • Tree removal and
  • Inspections

How often we visit your property depends on different things such as the size and age of your garden, your budget and your gardening plans. We’re happy to call for a cost and obligation visit to discuss all your tree needs. Remember that prevention is better than cure and discovering an ageing limb on a tree and being able to rectify the situation, is so much better than having a bough fall possibly damaging your property or residents.

Homes and Business

If you own a business with grounds and trees, we can attend to these situations as easily as we do with private homes and their garden. Remember that your trees and their setting add value to your property and caring for these surrounds can boost the price of your home or business should you ever wish to sell.

Because Northern has such a long history of tree removal, stump removal and maintenance throughout Semaphore, they are the ideal partner to make your trees safe and secure. Northern has the equipment and expertise to trim and maintain your property. Give them a call today.

Contact us today on 08 8819 0012 for a free quote on our professional tree removal & tree maintenance services in Semaphore!

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  • We give free no obligation quotes
  • We have $20 million dollars liability cover
  • We actually do turn up the day booked !
  • We take care of your beautiful garden
  • We leave your site clean and tidy

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