How does a Tree Removal Service help us Save Our Property?

How does a Tree Removal Service help us Save Our Property?

Unless you are a keen gardener or an expert on plants, there is a good chance you may buy and plant the wrong type of tree. Or you may buy the right tree but plant it in the wrong position. If you purchase an older property with an established garden, you need to check the tree situation just as you would check the foundation and roof, etc of your property. Why?

Trees in particular can be powerful. You only have to walk down a footpath in any number of Adelaide suburbs to find cracks in the pavement due to the roots of a tree.

Tree Removal Service helps us Save Our Property

  • Prevention is better than cure

Having an expert tree removal service inspect your plants can be a wise financial decision. If a tree is too close to your buildings or if it is the wrong tree in its present situation, the time to remove that tree is before it causes damage.

  • What can be harmed?

The foundations of your property are essential for its stability. Tree roots beneath your house can result in cracked walls. Tree roots in your drainage system can result in costly repairs from a plumber. The walls and windows of your property can be damaged by tree roots and branches.

  • Before you buy

Unless you are an expert gardener, it is essential you get sound advice before purchasing a tree or shrub. What looks lovely in the nursery and on the photo attached to the plant may not be the finished product. Do you know how high and wide that tree will grow? Unless you are sure, you run the risk of having to have your tree removed because it is too big and/or in the wrong place. Get professional advice on plant selection and plant positioning.

  • It’s a root problem

Never underestimate the ability of tree roots to go walkabout. Beneath the surface you cannot see what your roots are doing. They can work their way into your sewer system and you only find out about that when your toilet is blocked. A nasty experience. Remember that prevention is cheaper and simpler than the cure.

Northern Tree Service in Adelaide have all the equipment and experience to provide the best solution for safe tree limb or tree removal ensuring that your environment and property remains in tact for years to come.

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