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Do you know who planted the trees in your garden? Do you know if they have reached their full height? Do you know the health of the trees in your garden? The problem may be that the age or health of your tree or trees is not good and that can mean a branch may fall. Ray from Northern Tree Service has been inspecting, trimming and removing trees in your area for the last 30 years. He is the expert who can check out your trees and give you a detailed report on their health and safety.

Check out the benefits you get from Northern Tree Service

  • They provide a service which is prompt and reliable
  • They provide a no obligation quote
  • They provide total public liability insurance cover of $20 million
  • They provide an experienced operator in business for three decades
  • They provide a free quote with a highly competitive price
  • They provide the removal of all your green waste
  • They provide the operator of the business who owns the business
  • They provide a range of options for your trees
  • They provide a comprehensive assessment of your tree or trees
  • They provide you with peace of mind with an emergency 24 hour service

Watch out for falling branches

Many of us think that when someone has an accident such as a falling tree that or could never happen to us. In fact the person who had the accident probably had that same thought. The point is we just don’t know the real condition of our tress. This is why engaging a seasoned expert, someone who has been inspected and treating trees in your area for three decades is such a good idea.

Northern Tree Service provides a series of services including:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal
  • Regular tree inspections

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Removing a tree, especially a large tree and in a confined space like a suburban garden, is a job solely for the experts. The equipment used by experts today is state of the art but nothing beats the decades of experience – learning on the job is what it used to be called. If you have a tree or tree stump to be removed, don’t hesitate and call in the professionals.

Transform your garden?

It can be a simple process. If you have a large tree which dominates your garden, think what would be available if that tree was removed safely and without damage by a professional tree remover. You would have a different view, more space to grow more plants and the plants already there would have greater access to sunlight; and all because you had a tree removed. Think about it.

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  • We give free no obligation quotes
  • We have $20 million dollars liability cover
  • We actually do turn up the day booked !
  • We take care of your beautiful garden
  • We leave your site clean and tidy

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